Earth & Flesh: An Empowerment Shoot with Daniela Semidey / by James Reiman

I recently worked on a shoot with model Daniela Semidey.  We had been talking about doing a boudoir or nude shoot either in the studio or in nature for several weeks until our schedules aligned and we were able to get together.  It happened to work out so that the only day that we could meet was a at a time that I was unable to book us a studio.  So nature it was.

James Reiman Daniela Semidey 20.jpg

We ended up meeting at the woodland location late in the afternoon.  If you are at all familiar with Florida weather, you know that this is potentially disastrous to schedule an afternoon outdoor shoot as it rains nearly every afternoon in the summers.  Sure enough, as soon as we embarked into the woods a dark cloud rolled in bringing scattered showers.  We decided not to let that stop us.  Daniela was a real professional and embraced the rain and mud it created.  She told me that the experience was incredibly empowering and I am happy to be able to be a part of that.  Here are some of the images we created that wet summer afternoon.