Dojo Pro Wrestling: Season 1 - Now Available! / by James Reiman

A few months ago I was able to travel to Nashville to work on a top secret project.  That project is a new professional wrestling series called Dojo Pro - and it is now available to stream on both Amazon Prime and Fite Network.  

Dojo Pro presents the ultimate professional wrestling opportunity. A gauntlet competition in which 13 independent wrestlers – including stars Joey Janela, James Storm and Jeff Cobb – fight their way up the ladder. The winner of each match receives the Dojo Pro White Belt and continues on. At the top, the Dojo Pro Black Belt, and a shot at the Ring of Honor World Television Championship.
— Dojo Pro
Wheeler Yuta entering the Dojo Pro area.

I photographed the wrestlers for their promo shots on the match screens and photographed each match/episode at ringside.  The ringside photos are currently being distributed on the Dojo Pro Instagram.  I will release another blog featuring some of these images after people get a chance to view watch the series as I wouldn't want to spoil anything in terms of who wins each match. 

Joey Janela sizing up the crowd after entering the ring.  

Joey Janela sizing up the crowd after entering the ring.  

I do want to thank everyone at Dojo Pro, especially the producers; Logan Sekulow, Bart Scott and Dillon Spears, for letting my wife and me join the team.  I think that this project turned out really professional and is a lot of fun to binge watch.