CHOICES is now an Award Winning Film! / by James Reiman

I am pleased to announce that CHOICES, a project I worked on with my film & photography students at The Art Institute of Tampa, has been awarded a Gold Award at the 2018 Spotlight Documentary Film Awards.

CHOICES tells the story of the Dannemiller family and their struggle with being infected with HIV and how they hope their story helps other people make choices that could possibly lives. The project was a hands-on immersive classroom experience that produced over the course of an 11 week quarter at The Art Institute of Tampa.

I have to congratulate all of the students who made this possible!

Jonathon Dorofy, Opus Fields, Adam Fleisher, Aryella Furukawa, Vince Hayman, Dave Mintzer, Jesus Perez, Jordan Schatzberg, Samantha Toralba & Drew Wassmuth.

An extra big thanks to the Dannemiller family for sharing your story!  Your bravery is certainly changing lives for the better!