"Bring it on, Satan!" T-Shirt Design for Bart Scott / by James Reiman

Recently a good friend of mine, writer/podcaster/vlogger Bart Scott, received an opportunity to attend a press event for Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 27.   It was his first visit to the event.  Needless to say he had a blast.  You can see and hear all about it on his HHN vlog and Episode: 179 of his Ears of Steel podcast

Full disclosure, Bart was somewhat anxious about attending the event - so he tried to calm his nerves at the HHN press party bar.  Shortly after that Bart was "pleasantly buzzed" and started to get excited... so much so that he randomly shouted out "Bring it on, Satan!" in his vlog. 

From Bart's Twitter account  @ BartAScott  .

From Bart's Twitter account @BartAScott.

When the vlog was released the fan communities of Ears of Steel and his other podcast BLT Lunchbreak began to make a joke out of the "Bring it on, Satan!" comment.  Shortly after that he and I discussed the possibilities of putting together a T-shirt design.  We chatted about his idea for the shirt and I whipped up a quick design.  A couple days later the Bart Scott "Bring it on, Satan!" T-shirt was ready to be purchased.  You can get yours here.

It was a fun break from photo and video editing and the people in Bart's social media feeds seem excited to get their hands on a shirt.  If you haven't ever seen any of Bart's work please check him out.  He's a fun creative guy with a lot of different types of content to experience and enjoy.

Thanks for reading!